After the implementation

After the implementation Get certainty of legal protection in business in accordance with the designat location. Get convenience in empowerment from the central provincial and regional levels. Get ease in accessing financing from various bank and nonbank financial institutions. et assistance for larger business development. Obtain legal recognition from various parties for permits held and can be legally account for. Encourage SME business people to be tax aware so that it can be useful for the progress of their business. It is a plus point compar to other SME businesses that do not have IUMK.

By having an IUMK

It is guarante that your business will become more advanc in the future and be able to compete with the global market. Also read Heres the Canada Phone Number Data Flow and How to Manage a De of Company Establishment Additional IUMK Officially Replac by NIB umk of the job creation regulations now MSEs only ne to obtain a Business Identification Number NIB as the legality of their business. NIB is proof of registrationregistration of business actors to carry out business activities and as identity in carrying out their business activities PP . In this case NIB can function as the sole permit for business activities if the MSE business activities are classifi as business activities with a low level of risk PP.

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MSE is classifi as a business with a Canada Whatsapp Number low level of risk then the MSE does not ne to obtain other business permits to carry out its business activities. Unless there are certain requirements to fulfill Business Licensing to Support Business Activities PB UMKU. As for determining the risk level of each business activity business actors can view it through information on the Standard Classification of Indonesian Business Fields KBLI. Also read Download a sample letter of application for goods and its meaning NIBs function is apart from.

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