Transportation of groups of people

Unfortunately I cannot show you the sites themselves they have already been finalizto and are protectto by a nondisclosure agreement. Example . on the page it Transportation of is not clear where exactly the user went and why it is profitable to make a purchase here. Expert opinion it is necessary to clearly formulate the UTP place it on the first screen. To make it so that in a second a person understands where he is and what to cling to.  and get this benefit. warranty from the manufacturer and from the seller; savings on a new interior; ecological furniture.

But they are really worth being

On the main page We insure the product for the full value. for online payment. Free delivery from Vietnam Data UAH purchase. Payment in installments on credit. Example . Audit of a site for renting a vehicle with a driver  in Kyiv and the region Ukraine Europe. Problem outdated design and text on the main page of the site. Audit of the site for renting transport with a driver Expert opinion Bad font different colors green red white.

Phone Number List

The white font blends into

The background and is unreadable. Phones are also not visible the location of messenger buttons is bad. The background image does not reflect the full range Belgium Phone Number List of services it is outdated. On the first screen the geography of work hours of work are unclear there is no button. It is not clear why the official transportation of employees is highlighted in the menu. Which is good What needs to be change Slogan Safe.


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