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There is a trip cost calculator. Add Geo Passenger transportation. Kyiv Ukraine Europe. We work in all cities of Ukraine should be on the first screen or as an attached line throughout the site. Work time. Callback order button. UTP When I get unique sales offer). Advantages either on the first screen or immediately below it. I found the advantages in the description of the service in the site audit brief.  questions about the site the target audience and their tasks. And it was from the conversation that I learned about the things that should be on the website Safety for children’s groups.

Convenient forms of payment.

Possibility to choose the comfort of the bus. Own fleet of cars in Kyiv. Car parks in all regional centers of Ukraine. Example . Multidisciplinary clinic USA Data Problem confusing unclear menu no search on the site clear descriptions of services unclear positioning and benefits for regular visitors. Expert’s opinion it is necessary to make a new structure of the site dividing the areas of work of doctors and the services provided by the medical center. Multidisciplinary clinic.

Phone Number List

Audit The new structure of

The site which clearly shows the directions of the clinic’s work and the services that can be obtained from the clinic Expert advice on positioning and advantages Australia Phone Number List of the clinic What is the current text on the site. Expert’s comment A comprehensive approach to your treatment This is not an advantage Equipment of expert class. Few people know exactly what an expert class is without the help of. Google European standards of treatment It does not tell the average. Ukrainian about anything especially after the refugees’ comments about the poor state of. Medicine in the EU Experienced specialist doctors. There is an error on the website.


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