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While, WhatsApp states that third-party ads are not allowed on its services. At this stage, it also gives the green light to show ads in the future, and in its new privacy policy.” We still do not allow third-party banner ads on our services. We do not intend to use these ads, but we will update. This Privacy Policy if we do so in the future.” says.

However, it should be noted that although ads will not be displayed in WhatsApp. WhatsApp will use the information it has about you for advertising and marketing. In other words, WhatsApp will show us more personalized. Ads on Facebook and Instagram with the information obtained from our data.

What about businesses and third-party services?

With the WhatsApp Business application owned by WhatsApp. Businesses can advertise their target audiences and communicate with their customers. In this process, chats between you and a Business continue to be encrypted end-to-end. According to WhatsApp’s general Cyprus Phone Number List privacy policies. However, once the message is received, it is subject to the company’s own privacy practices. This means that when you contact a business with WhatsApp Business. Once the information you provide reaches the business, the security of this information. How it will be stored and with whom it will be shared is the responsibility of the business.

The full explanation of WhatsApp about businesses and corporate interactions is as follows

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“ We allow third parties, such as businesses, to communicate and interact using our business services on WhatsApp, such as ca Email Lists talogs, where you can browse and order products and services. Businesses can send your transactions. Appointments and delivery notifications, product and service updates, and marketing content. For example, you can get flight status information about your trip, an invoice for a purchase, or a notification about your delivery. Messages you may receive from a business may include some offers on products or services that may be of interest to you. We don’t want you to be exposed to unsolicited messages (spam). As with all your messages, you can manage such communications, and we only respect your choices.”


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