When a lead reaches the bottom of the funnel

While blogs are very effective at attracting visitors to your website, they don’t help you qualify leads or drive When a lead reaches them to the sales pitch. You can use tactics such as e-book offers, discounts, gift suggestions, webinars according to your industry to convert visitors into leads.

Middle of the Funnel (Reflection):

When a lead reaches the bottom of the funnel, they are ready to buy and the only question is who to buy from. This is a chance for marketers to add more qualified leads to the sales pipeline using tactics such as email marketing, best deals, reviews from other buyers, case studies.

If You Want To Learn A Little More About The Customer Lifecycle In Digital Marketing, This Video Can Help You


The customer life journey is complex. Just like life. Before making a purchase decision, she researches, wants to trust, wants to confirm the need or focuses on many different things according to her personal characteristics and current needs. As digital marketers, we need to be able to make strategy changes along the way while determining our steps in this complex Philippines Phone Number List process. In this, we need to develop measurable digital marketing goals. Measurable digital marketing goals also help us prove how effective we are. However, these goals are useless if they are not realistic. Therefore, you should set realistic digital marketing goals. You can consider the following steps when setting your goals:

  • Be specific — Set actual times with real numbers. For example ; 20% increase in the number of website visitors until the end of August…
  • Measurable — Make sure you can track your goals. It is important to have analysis tools that can measure your goals. Google Analytics is one of the free and most preferred tools for measuring website goals .
  • Attainable — Work for an attainable goal. Unfulfilled goals lead to loss of motivation, wasted time and goal.
  • Realistic – – Be honest with yourself, including what your team can and cannot do. Consider any difficulties that may arise.

Time-bound — Give yourself a deadline, “sometime” is not specific enough

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To help you clear up the confusion about goal setting, Survivor Digital has created a free digital marketing goal setting template . We hope it helps you in setting goals. You can download it by clicking this link. Email Lists

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