What are your revenue

As an online reseller. The information you discover in this phase gives you enough context to make smart decisions and hone in on the viability of your business idea. . Select and validate a market niche First choose a market segment a group of people who share the same interests. For example sports lovers. Then identify smaller more specific audiences in those markets. For example Sports memorabilia collectors or even more specifically NBA memorabilia collectors.

When you choose a niche

Market you can focus precisely Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data on understanding a specific type of person and meeting their nes more accurately. The following are important questions to help you determine your market niche Who nes this product Can you accurately explain why they ne it Are they willing to pay for the product How big is the market size How many competitors have similar products Do you consider yourself an expert in this market niche Try creating several products marketing them to potential customers and asking for feback . Then listen to their feback and act on it to improve your product and presentation. Also read Deferr Tax Treatment in PSAK and Example of Journal Entries.

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Create a business plan

A business plan documents Mexico Phone Number List your companys plans to achieve its goals. A business plan helps you create strategies in the areas of finance procurement customer service pricing and marketing. Follow these steps to create a good business plan Write an executive summary explaining your mission vision products and growth plans. Include information about your market niche and target buyers. Create a marketing strategy. How do you intend to reach customers Determine your operational plan. What arrangements will you make to provide your services and manufacture your products Make a financial plan. How will you fund the business projections For more detail steps read examples and how to create a business plan.

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