8 important checklists for on-page optimization

You’ve published many pages on your site and can finally see traffic in Google Analytics and daily ranking activity in Rank Tracker .

So how can you make your posts perform better?

The answer is on-page optimization.

This article provides a checklist you can use to improve the ranking of your site’s content. We also discuss optimization priorities and present scenarios you may frequently encounter as an SEO.

Let’s get started.

What is on-page optimization?
On-page Optimization. Is the Process of Improving Existing. Pages on a Website to Make. Them More Attractive and Understandable. To Search Engines and Users.

When to Implement On-Page Optimization

The end goal is to increase the ranking of your posts in search engine results (SERPs).

You can do this by optimizing website elements such as: Unlike Ws Database technical optimization, which often requires a developer, on-page optimization can be performed by anyone with access to your site’s content management system (CMS).

If you’re new to SEO, start by reading our Ranktracker guide to learn more about on-page SEO so you know the basics.

When to Implement On-Page Optimization
If your site has hundreds of pages, it can be difficult to decide which pages to optimize and when.

Professional SEOs face many scenarios where they must decide whether a page needs on-page optimization, technical optimization, or a complete rewrite.

It used to rank pages and generate traffic,but it is slowly dropping

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In these situations, on-page optimization adjustments such as adding keywords or changing the title will have little impact Email Lists on rankings. You’ll need to evaluate whether your post not showing up is a technical issue or if your content needs to be completely rewritten.

This scenario is a prime candidate for on-page optimization. If your page ranks, it’s clear evidence that at some point, search engines trusted your content and sent visitors to that page. A drop in ranking may be due to new competitors or outdated material. Refreshing or updating will get you back to where you were.

The traffic on your page suddenly skyrocketed.
Technical optimization may be considered in these situations, as these are often caused by cannibalization or indexing issues.

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