It Used to Rank Pages and Generate Traffic but

This scenario is a prime candidate for on-page optimization. If your page ranks, it’s clear evidence that at some point, search engines trusted your content and sent visitors to that page.

A Drop in Ranking. May Be Due to New Competitors. Or Outdated Material. Refreshing or updating will get you back to where you were.

The traffic on your page suddenly skyrocketed.
Technical optimization may be considered in these situations, as these are often caused by cannibalization or indexing issues.

Bottom of the funnel (BOFU) content is content that helps convert prospects into customers/customers.

Documents that need to be updated frequently

If your BOFU content falls in the rankings, your revenue will suffer and you will feel it immediately.

As this content ranks higher, your revenue increases. Therefore, Such Content Should. Ws Number List Always Be the First. Focus of on-page Optimization.

TOFU content is focused on increasing awareness of you and your products, not necessarily converting users into customers. This content typically includes navigation information that entices visitors who want to learn about the topic or industry.

Typically, content at the top of the funnel can have much higher search volume and traffic. Therefore, it is important to prioritize optimization as a drop in ranking will lead to a visible drop in traffic.

Capturing opportunities through competitor research

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Some of your content may already be ranking on the first page of Google.

But you can also achieve higher results.

Focusing on improving the rankings of this content is much easier Email Lists

Than Trying to Rank Entirely New Content.

So Keep an Eye Out for These. Opportunities and Add These Pages to Your Optimization. Queue as Often as Possible. Documents That Require Continued. New Updates or Minor Changes.

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Occasionally, there are industry changes in project management, such as brand acquisitions or new tools and features being released.

If you don’t update these posts regularly, they will be considered irrelevant and you will lose rankings.

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