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According to data released recently by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), around 14.8 million Brazilians are looking for an opportunity in the job market. The IBGE publishes the rate every month using moving quarters, which do not necessarily correspond How to write to the first, second, third and fourth quarters of the year We know that to stand out in this sea of ​​people and reach the desired vacancy, training is essential! Those who have at least a degree in their curriculum can get ahead and stand out in relation to competitors. But pay attention: that alone is not enough. Do you know why? Because it is necessary, as popular wisdom says, to know how to “sell your fish”. Therefore, knowing how to make a professional summary well done is strategic for you to hook the recruiter and get the chance you so wanted. That’s what you’ll see here.

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How to make a professional resume according to your experience What NOT to do in a professional resume What is a professional resume? The professional summary is a space, within the candidate’s resume, Iraq Phone Number Data which serves to provide the recruiter with a professional and personal overview of who that person is. We can say that it summarizes, in a synthetic way, what is detailed in the rest of the curriculum. That is: this space serves to synthesize the candidate’s experience in an attractive way. We can compare the professional summary with the synopsis of a movie, it’s that brief text that delights us and makes us move forward.

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How to make a professional summary is to think of a short text from the chain of the following information. Time of professional experience + area of ​​expertise + training + mastery of software and certifications + additional Email Lists information you deem valid. When we talk about a basic structure for you to know how to make a good professional summary. We must understand that it: It should be brief: use between 100 and 500 characters and. A maximum of three paragraphs. Remember that, as the name says, it is a summary! It must be coherent: the text of the abstract must be in line with your professional objective. Highlight features that speak to the intended vacancy. It must be well structure: the text nees to follow a logical structure, without leaving out what is crucial.

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