Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have managed

Exporting allows your business to spread risks, as a wider geographic spread lessens the impact of local setbacks or disasters. We have seen many similar examples in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have managed, For example, since China is the only major economy. That has not been hit hard by the pandemic. Businesses that export to China have suffered less than their non-exporting counterparts.

Extend the life cycle of your products

A product that is close to obsolescence in a market may still be in demand in other parts of the world, such as Africa. Thus, by issuing that product or licensing its intellectual property to an outside manufacturer. A company can continue to generate a stream of revenue or royalties from the product. For example, in the last 10 years, some to sell large Saudi Arabia Phone Number List quantities of old-fashioned mobile phones. Africa and other underdeveloped regions. These affordable and reliable phones have not only met the demands of their users, but also contributed to the success of these companies.

Moderate seasonal production fluctuations
If you are a company that produces seasonal products such as diving gear or down jackets. You should know that our planet experiences two summers and two winters each year. By selling seasonal products south of the equator. A company can reduce seasonal fluctuations in its production cycle, which is of great benefit to both the company and its employees.

Take advantage of the Internet and e-commerce

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E-commerce will continue to be among the trends not only of the present, but also of the future. Even if you don’t have a sales site of your own, whether you’re selling retail or wholesale, there are global and powerful e-marketplaces that you can become a member of in both case Email Lists s. You can enter foreign markets faster by taking advantage of the brand awareness and potential customer advantage of these e-marketplaces.
In addition, you can quickly and easily do a lot of strategic work, such as gaining brand awareness in target countries with social media marketing studies, and being in front of users when your competitors, products and services are searched with search engine advertising .

As Survivor Digital, we are moving forward together in the export process of many of our customers. As we explore new markets together, we achieve growth in existing markets. If you need a digital marketing strategy for export specific to your brand, call now and let’s talk for special solutions for you.

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