Basic mixing for editing

broadcasting design (professional figure: strategic graphic designer; duration: 32 hours) programs used: ps-ae specialist design course for television channels: channel identity  . Creation of lights . Openings  . In and out bumpers  . Girths . Television windows . Creation of visuals for static and animated led walls . B.5) the survival guide for video clips (professional figure: videomaker; duration: 12 hours) programs used: pr-ae manage and resolve problems of light . Quality . Visual defects: optimization of low light images  . Noise reduction . Rolling shutter reduction  . Cancellation of video defects such as dust.

Virtual classroom and physical

Shooting optimized for editing (professional figure: producer and europe email list videomaker; duration: 24 hours) program used: pr planning and implementation of the most common types of video shooting for a single videomaker or light crew: focus on languages . Plans . Multicam  . Formats . B-roll. B.7) sound this unknown (professional figure: producer . Videomaker . Sound engineer; duration: 24 hours) programs used: audition and premiere live recording basics with a light video crew: audio management for video . Live recording solutions . Field recording  . Basic mixing for editing. Graphics and video editing training courses: delivery methods some practical info on teachers . Certificate . Virtual classroom and physical classroom . Possibility of financing.


We organize all our online courses

 The teachers are certified professionals with many years of experience Email Lists in corporate training. Participants will receive a digital certificate and digital presentation handouts at the end of the course. We organize all our online courses in our virtual classrooms: in live classes of 6-7 people . With continuous interaction with the teacher . Exercises and practical learning. In this case . Participants must have: • a computer with the programs covered by the course installed in the latest available version • a good internet connection (10mbps minimum requirements) • computer administrator access to be able to install zoom • earphones and webcam (second monitor recommended but not mandatory) all courses can also be carried out at our offices in milan and rome or at the customer’s premises.


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