Corrections with incopy and indesign

Vertical insights with combination of software pattern management and variations for textile design (ps-ill): fill patterns  . Pattern brushes  . Color control Corrections with . Rationing and reproduction (24 hours) managing color with software dedicated to graphics and publishing (ps-ill-ind): everything about color profiles through a practical workshop for optimal color consistency . From design to production (8 hours) integration and creative cloud (ps-ill-ind): workflow for collaboration between programs  . Optimal control of graphic . Photographic and editorial design on. 


The automation of the two programs

Single workstations and work teams (8 hours) from the development africa email list of the digital negative. To image editing (lgtr-ps): photographic post-production workflow for. Perfect images (24 hours) collaboration between the creative and copy departments : synchronization and optimization of notes and. Corrections with incopy and indesign (8 hours) designing animation-ready characters (ill-ae): creating vector models and importing. For direct management (32 hours) integration for editors on the use of after effects. As a super-container of plugins and effects for premiere (pr-ae): tricks for exploiting. The automation of the two programs . Using after effects plugins (8 hours) b.


Management of green screen scenes

 1) compositing specialist (professional Email Lists figure: graphic designer; duration: 28 hours) programs used: ps-ae theory on compositing  . Management of green screen scenes (and piercing the green screen ) . Camera color profiles . Color grading  . Insertion of objects not present in the scene. B.2) create animated infographics (professional figure: graphic designer; duration: 40 hours) programs used: ill-ps-ae from the creation of vectors to the application of textures and animation: theory of infographics . Creation of drawings and storyboards for videos. B.3) prepress (professional figure: editorial field; duration: 16 hours) programs used: ps-ill-ind-acrobat print settings . Standard parameters . Colour: operational workshop for optimal control of the graphic project . From idea to implementation for paper and device


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