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We recommend a case where we honestly tell and show how we receiv traffic from competitors and promot an online store of spare parts for motorcycles scooters tractors and bicycles. Pay special attention if you develop your business in the dropshipping format in any topic; compete with a large number of online stores with approximately the same assortment; your business is seasonal. Project team and data The Code to the project manager is Vitaly Panchenko. Digital marketer – Oleksandr Chernorai. The promotion period is . now. The promotion region is Ukraine. About the project Benzopila.

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Ukrainian market since . Offers spare parts for mops and other highquality equipment with full adaptation to various models universal spare parts. The Cambodia Data target audience of buyers is men ag with a set of interests Ar Brakes . Lawn Care & Gardening Supplies Engine & Transmission . AprilJuly is the period of maximum transactions and demand. The reason for contacting Inweb Low efficiency of the advertising account as well as technical errors in the setting of advertising.

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Were two main goals increase the effectiveness of advertising; bug fixes affecting it. Initial conditions There is no option to add the GTIN parameter International Standard Manufacturer  tool for comparison. This is because Iran Phone Number List the dropshipping fe is provid by the supplier and is the same for all retailers i.e. nonunique. Products are often reject due to the presence of a watermark on the images which are also provid by the supplier. Google blocks images that are consider unoriginal.


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