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Blog post or social media campaign. If you are able to invest in an online course platform webinars can provide the building blocks for a serialized training program. All of these are excellent forms of passive income. How To Integrate Webinars Into Your Content Marketing Strategy By now you’re sure to believe in the effectiveness of webinars. Now you’ll want to know how to implement them into your own content marketing strategy. One thing about webinars is that they work best as the centerpiece of a marketing campaign. You should think of other types of content marketing email blogging and social media as supporting your webinars and not the other way around.

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Another key tip is to choose your platform wisely and check the specs! You wouldn’t choose a business calling system without checking that it can forward calls whatsapp mobile number list so don’t make the same mistake here. If your webinars require specific presentation tool interactions or funnel analysis, look for software that makes it easy. Also webinars are highly customizable. There is no single way to organize them. But here are some best practice tips for each stage of the process. Designing Webinars If you’ve ever designed content for an in-person webinar then it’s pretty much the same.

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The great thing about webinars is their flexibility. A webinar can take any format that suits your brand. To give you an idea a presentation based Email Lists webinar should last approximately 10 minutes. Fundamental diagrams may follow an introduction and history of a discipline with personal stories related to the topic to provide context and establish authority. A list of problems and solutions related to your topic. Present any offers or sales Q&As that come with your webinars. It is worth noting that the greatest strength of webinars is their interactivity and engagement.

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