Do Sweat the Small Stuff

I must admit I purchased a copy and the short pithy one page stories appealed to me. People like quick digestible fixes. Attention spans are down the toilet these days as people tweet, facebook and send sms to communicate with each other. Look at your email inbox and you will see that most messages are just 2-3 lines. My email inbox 5-6 years ago was full of much longer emails than it is today. People spent more time writing and composing email to get a better message across then. How many times have you had a long drawn out email discussion purely because the initial email didn’t have all the facts which eventually came out through probing and multiple iterations? A lot I bet.

Unfortunately the same approach applies for seo

Clients look for the quick fast fix. They think that some with some backlinks, a few extra pages and they can just wait for the great keyword UK Business Fax List ranking to appear. However this cannot be applied to on page optimization. Too many people look beyond the small stuff for their site when seeking that precious ranking on google or other search engines.  Here are some examples of the small stuff that I tell people to focus on for their site that does not require huge expertise and will help their site greatly in the long run. It is unique to on page and with a regular posting schedule will benefit their site search rankings, their existing customers and even their own product and business knowledge.

Make your content sweat

Fax Lists

Lazy content writing is everywhere on the internet. It is so attractive to hammer out 200-300 words on your business and submit is as a site page and Email Lists hope it will benefit the site. You have got to work your content and make it come off the track sweating like a pig. Remember when you did term papers in school and the hours that you put in to create this content. Why did you put such an effort in? If my own memory serves me correctly (yes I was one of those students!) it was to get a good grade and also to impress my teacher.

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