The Five Linking Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

External linking is an essential part of an effective seo strategy. It is also, arguably, one of the most challenging aspects. Take a look at five common mistakes seos make when developing a linking strategy.

Judging a site’s authority by pagerank alone:
Good link building strategies aim at getting a links from a diverse array of websites and as with most things in life, all websites are not created equal. How do you judge a good website?


Here are some additional questions to ask yourself

Does the site feel like a trusted site?
Does the site have readers who take the content seriously?
The site has authority, but is it a relevant site to my website/client/topic?
#2 building links with only Brazil Business Fax List one keyword or keyword phrase:
The goal of successful link building strategy is a natural link profile. If 1,000 people link to your site it’s probably safe to assume that they won’t all use the same keyword phrase.

While most seos may know this, if you aren’t conscious of it with each link you will, like most seos, use your primary keyword as much as possible. Keep track of the anchor text that you are using, make sure that there is a mixture of anchor text containing: brand name, website address, secondary keyword phrases, click here etc. This also opens up the opportunity to link with secondary keywords to interior pages of your site.

Aiming for a billion links

Fax Lists

How many links does a site need to be competitive? Your competitive research holds the key to determine this. If your top competitors Email Lists average 1,000 links, aim for what you need to be competitive. Set your goal number of links 2-5 percent more than your competition.

This way you can maximize the efficiency of your seo activities and properly scale your link building techniques. If you don’t set a goal number based on competition you could be spending too much time on link building instead beefing up the on page optimization or focusing on social media.


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