The ‘Write’ Way to Optimise Your Website

Hey true believers, this is my first seomoz article so be kind! The thrust of the article is to help people new to seo concentrate on the important areas rather than getting bogg down with the all the advanc information out there.

A lot of the other stuff tends to get over-thought” – I think that pretty much sums it my thoughts here up nicely.

Getting started with seo

Seomoz is a great resource for search, possibly the best for pure, actionable information and research data for seos but for your average Switzerland Business Fax List business owner or entrepreneur this granularity is not always need(to begin with at least). If you were looking to appoint an seo or just to learn more and stumbled across some correlation data it could terrify a newcomer. This is great for us in the industry who want data to justify our approaches but this type of thing can be really off putting for a newcomer.

Seo starts with great content

Fax Lists

I am a keen seo and by that I mean my interest goes way beyond it just being a job. It’s fair to say that after spending time with my family and buying games that I don’t seem to find the time to play the search engines and internet marketing is probably the closest thing I have to an active hobby (yep, sad, I know, but I am not the only one here!).

Being such an seo geek, I take in as many Email Lists articles, blogs and participate in as many forums as time allows for – factor twitter into that and I am often experimenting, reading some new study or research late into the evening (hence my wife’s newly instated ‘no smart phones in bed rule’).

All this reading and time interacting on forums, blog comments and message boards along with the day-to-day work I do with uk businesses gives me an overview of what many people believe seo is and the common mistakes made by business owners looking to optimise their web site for increased search traffic.

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