The Best Link Your Clients May Be Missing

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Within 18 days of google indexing. This one new high page authority | domain authority link. My client’s one-year-old website had rankings significantly. Increase across all of his seod pages and for multiple keywords on each page. For that reason, I describe this link as “The best link your clients may be missing”.

If you stick with me for the next few minutes, I believe you’ll grab some good take-aways and some actionable steps for your own client link building.

Now, let me take you back to the beginning

This client is a local real estate agent with a new website. Darrell self and his team work with home buyers and home leasers relocating to dallas texas, in addition to helping home sellers (and local home buyers and leasers).

His site is competing not only with Singapore Business Fax List long-established local real estate offices (with deeper pockets for seo), but also with the big, national real estate websites. In a typical local real estate search, of the first page results in google, often five or six sites will be these national sites and only four or five will be the local sites.


We’re not competing for the usual 10 spots on page one in google

Fax Lists

we’re really competing for four or five positions (sometimes fewer). Uh-oh! And these national real estate websites have domain Email Lists authority numbers ranging from 71 to 93. Ugh!

Fortunately, I had my seomoz pro membership resources to begin analyzing what options existed to significantly increase my client’s page authority and domain authority. I knew increasing authority was going to be key to this project having a successful result.

The authority work required was far beyond that needed for most of my small business owner and solo professional clients. And beyond what’s been required with the link building work I’ve performed for other seos.

I began by using some of my seomoz pro membership questions. Dr. Pete and rand each answered questions and their answers were very helpful, so thanks again, guys! (truly not trying to sound like a seomoz pro advertisement here, just letting non-pro members know with specific examples of how the pro membership has really helped me.)

Out the door. Goodbye! We’re competing with the big, national real estate websites.

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