How to Build Your Own Thumbdrive SEO Browser

Recently firefox automatically updated to version 5, and with that update came a nightmarish scenario: virtually every firefox seo add-on suddenly ceased to function.

By now many of these add-ons have been repair, but at the time I was rescu by a side project of mine – a portable seo browser design to run from a thumbdrive, complete with all my favorite tools and seo gizmos. I’ve been meaning to share this idea with the moz community for some time, and in the light of the morning’s firefox add-on debacle, I think there’s no time like the present:


Of course, saving myself from a firefox update wasn’t the intended purpose of my seo thumbdrive, the original idea was to have browser full of seo tools I could carry around with me at all times. That way whenever a friend or acquaintance asks me to take a quick ‘look at their seo’ I’d have a full array of tools at my disposal, rather than just their blank browser.

Side note: do you get asked to examine websites at parties too, or is that just me


As it turns out, there are several Canada Business Fax List other benefits to a portable seo browser:

It can be us on a desktop/laptop as a separate install of firefox, so you can keep a clean main install for your browsing pleasure. (I’m a chrome man myself, but plenty of folks use ff.)
You can drop a copy on someone’s desktop – fully configured and ready to go. (incredibly helpful for getting new employees up to speed, or helping an seo newbies help themselves.)
You maintain direct control over updates, so you’ll never accidentally outdate your seo add-ons.
If you’re interest in setting up your very own portable seo browser, you will ne

A thumbdrive with at least 250 mb capacity


Fax Lists

(I love my patriot xporter xt although it’s Email Lists admittedly not the sleekest drive on the market.)
Access to both a pc and a mac.
About 30 minutes of time.
Many of you already have these items, so let’s get start


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