If we look at the basis of countries

According to the report, people spend more time online every day than in previous years. So, if we’re online for more than 48 hours a week, that means we spend 2 full days online in 7 days. Assuming we sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, we spend about 42% of our waking lives online. If we look at the basis If we look at the of countries.

  1. The Philippines is the country that spends the most time on the Internet with 11 hours.
  2. After the Philippines, Brazil,  If we look at the Colombia and South Africa are in the top four with 10 hours.
  3. At the end of the scale is Japan, with 4 hours and 25 minutes.

Online Search Behaviors

Finding information is the main reason people go online, and nearly two-thirds of internet users around the world say it’s their biggest motivator.

GI’s latest research shows that the world’s search behaviors are evolving, and these changing. Behaviors Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List have significant ramifications for anyone hoping to engage with a digital audience.

According to the report, the usage rate of conventional search engines is 98%. But 45% of internet users also use voice search. 45% of internet users now turn to social networks to get information. About the products or services they are considering purchasing.

In particular, the Z generation is searching for a brand on social media instead of searching through a search engine.

Is it mobile? Desktop?

Cell phones make up 53% of the time I spend online. But the data clearly shows that other devices still play important roles in our lives.

GWI data says that 9 out of 10 internet users are online via their smartphones, but two-thirds use a laptop or desktop computer to access the internet.

E-commerce Volume

One of the notable events in 2020 was the rise of e-commerce as the COVID-19 pandemic prompted consumers around the world to adopt online shopping.

Globally, around 77% of internet users ages 16 to 64 now say they buy something online every month.

The country with the highest probability of purchasing via e-commerce journey is Indonesia, while Egypt is at the end of this scale with 56.5%.

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Fashion and beauty are at the top of the most purchased categories in the e-commerce journey. Statista reported that the fashion and beauty category accounted for the largest share of global B2C e-commerce revenues in 2020, with over US$665 billion. Email Lists

Food and personal care is the fastest growing consumer e-commerce category in 2020 with social distancing measures acting as a catalyst for significant increases in online grocery shopping due to COVID-19.

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